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Schoolgirl underwear - right and wrong

Those of us who are enthusiasts for traditional school uniform and traditional punishment for girls tend to have strong views on the knickers/pants/panties worn by girls.  When I lift up a schoolgirl's skirt I expect to find she is wearing proper school knickers. These knickers can be of various colours but MUST be 1) plain coloured 2) of the correct full cut 3) cotton and 4) without lace or frills.  Here are examples of correct and incorrect underwear for schoolgirls:

 Excellent - both girls are wearing the correct knickers

Large full cut knickers for a fat bottom
a perfect fit

 this cheeky girl is displaying her regulation knickers

Yes - these are correct

these knickers are cut rather high on the buttocks but are just about acceptable

Now for the wrong ones.....

 Patterns or designs are not acceptable

ridiculous see through panties - any male teacher looking up her skirt might suffer a heart attack


these panties do not cover the bottoms of the girls.

At St angela's school any girl found wearing incorrect knickers would soon find herself bent over a chair or toucing her toes for 12 with the cane or belt...as this young lady is finding out..
Of course, St Angela's girls who do wear the correct knickers also get this treatment eventually...
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  1. I would love to see more bottle green school knickers, size 16 please. Thank you